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Teaching Methodology

"The more you memories, the more you forget, What you understand once, you remember forever”

With such simple philosophy we have designed our Coaching programs which includes the following –

Classroom sessions

With an innovative and strategic approach, DREAMZ’s classroom sessions introduces basic fundamentals and concepts of subject in a very lucid and simple manner. All derivations are also done in the classes. This is followed by graduated set of logical, mathematical and numerical examples to firmly grasp the fundamentals and concepts, with their applications in various situations. It develops student’s analytical skills and problem solving abilities which is an essential ingredient to achieve success in any competitive examination.

Daily Practice Problem sheet

To monitor day by day progress of the student, DREAMZ has devised a unique concept called
“Daily Practice Problem Sheet”. Under this plan, student is given 8-10 questions in every class. These
problems put emphasis on application of fundamentals and concepts. As these questions clarify even the slightest of doubts, thus student become conceptually very sound. DPPS ignites student thinking process and improves temperament to face new and challenging problems with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Problem Counter

To assist all our students even outside the class and to remove their personal doubts which some students do not ask in the routine classes due to hesitation or otherwise, we have developed a unique concept of “Problem Counter”. At Problem Counter, a team of dedicated faculty members regularly remain available as per predetermine timetable. If an individual student feels that a particular problem/statement/theory is not clear, then he/she may clarify doubts at Problem Counter in the one-to-one interaction mode. This way, we give complete personal care to each individual
student to ensure his/her success.

Exercise Sheets

Along with comprehensive study material, we also provide Exercise Sheets to students as home assignments. These exercise sheets are designed after thorough research and analysis of latest examination pattern of different competitive examinations. We provide sets of exercise sheets for
each and every topic which covers all aspect of any competitive examination. The level of questions in
these exercise sheets is scientifically arranged that take you up to the highest level of competitive edge with confidence. Exercise sheets give rigorous practice and enhance student’s concepts. It also develops capability to use several concepts of different chapters simultaneously. Problems given in exercise sheets cover application of all fundamentals of that topic. Hence, after solving and getting clarified your doubts you can assume that your preparation is complete in the particular topic

Doubt Classes

For each and every topic, we conduct Doubt Removal Classes regularly after completion of theory of that topic. Our faculty members clarify doubts of students to the root level in order to ensure complete preparation in all respect

Study Material

During the course we provide complete up to date study material for WB-JEE,IIT-JEE, AIEEE, PMT. This study material has been prepared by our experienced subject experts. The study material is
self sufficient in all respect; therefore reference to any other material is not required at all. Study material is available in English or Bengali medium.

Schedule test series

Preparing well for a competitive examination is one thing but transforming knowledge into success during examination is another. Many students fail to achieve success because they are very DREAMZ…Education Centre, The Perfect Assembler of Your Future 5
much unfamiliar with the test taking skills or having poor examination temperament. To overcome this
problem, we conduct scheduled periodic test series based on latest pattern of respective examination
with similar test atmosphere.
Regular test series increases speed, accuracy, tune student to actual examination conditions and develops competitive spirit in order to enabling each students to meet success

Counseling & Seminars

Subject knowledge is just not enough for success in IIT JEE. In fact speed, accuracy, confidence, strategy adopted to attempt the questions etc. also play a vital role. Considering these facts, we conduct individual and group counseling & seminars for our students. These counseling and seminar sessions are usually organized with the sole objective to prepare our students completely so that they can face the challenges of IIT JEE with enough confidence and competence

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